Monday, 25 August 2014

6th Edition Nidzilla remix


Between 6th Edition rules and the new Codex Tyranids have not fared well 7th Edition may have cleared up some of the issues but I am not sure it does not just create others problems for Tyranids.  I agree with the designers that synapse should be important for the army however there is no way I am going to play a unit that will kill 40% of itself just because it does not have a big bug telling it what to do!

Where does that leave us?  It seems like there is almost only one pick in each section worth taking; it might be possible to make the Prime-carifex blob or the triple Trygon list work but for the most part it is just the same as 4th edition take as many monstrous creatures as you can and add a few support units.

1500 points - Tyranids (6th Edition Nidzilla remix)
250 Hive Tyrant w/ Wings, 2x Brainleech Devs, Hive Commander
230 Hive Tyrant w/ Wings, 2x Brainleech Devs
120 Termagant Brood x30
205 Tervigon w/ Electroshock Grubs
060 Termagant Brood x15
045 Venomthrope
050 Zoanthrope
050 Zoanthrope
205 Tyranofex w/ Rupture Cannon
205 Tyranofex w/ Rupture Cannon
080 Biovore Brood x2

At higher points I would add Gargoyles, the third Biovore, extra Termagants or maybe some Devilgaunts.

Flying monsters are fast moving, hard to hit and act as mobile synapse.  Other than some actual durability what more could you want? Hive Commander lets us outflank gaunts or the Tervigon giving some flexibility on deployment.

Tervigon’s still poop out baby Gaunts and they are the only troop unit worth having.  At least they are cheap.

I am not really a fan of the unit but I do not see the army being able to operate without a Venomthrope.  You need the cover save to have any chance of taking out opposing heavy artillery before it pulverises the hive mind.  Hive Guard and Zoanthropes both got worse; at least Zoanthropes provide synapse and may get a useful psi power.

The Carni-gun-fex of 4th became its own unit in 5th and, while not really better than last edition, at least it is cheaper this time around.  Biovore’s give pie-plates to throw down on massed Guardsmen or Orks; they might get lucky and pin some Marines.

Gargoyles provide a fast moving screen or they can deep strike to deal with difficult to reach enemy and since they carry a gun at least they do not have to assault.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Rainbow Marines in VI

The new sixth edition rules allow all armies to take Allies.  The five Space Marine Armies are almost all Battle Brothers with each other (as per the fluff Dark Angels and Wolves are not).  Since this means they treat each other as friendly units there is little reason to not take allies (points permitting).  There is a slight cost since you have to take a HQ and one more troop unit from the second codex in order to unlock an extra Heavy, Elite, Troops and Fast Attack slot.

The only restriction is you can not use each others Transport vehicles; thinking back about all my 5th edition games though I can hardly ever remember a game where a unit got back into a transport, let alone one that was not theirs originally.

Black Templers
Still having an old 4th Edtion Codex Templers have some good options with 6 man laz-plas units and Terminators with Tank Hunter.  On the flip side they still have 50 point Rhino's so they are the only army that would kind of like to borrow someone’s transport they also will not ally themselves with any army containers Psykers except for Grey Knights.

You can take a Castellan in Terminator Armour for just under 100 points, although the upgrade to Marshall for an extra wound and Leadership 10 to all your Templer units is a good buy at 15 points as it spending a few more points on better weapons.

Both the Terminator Command Squad and Elite Terminator's get to take 2 heavy weapons with 5 man squads and can take a Land Raider Crusader as a dedicated Transport as well as have access do the Tank Hunter Skill.  With only one entry there is not many options in Troops, you can add cheap scouts (10 points each) to the troops units to have some extra bodies to soak up wounds.

Black Templers did have cheap Typhoon Speeders since the 5th Edition FAQ upgraded them inline with other Marines to be Heavy 2; unfortunatly the 6th Edition FAQ has removed that secion so they are back to being Heavy 1 Frag Blast.  Hopefully this was a mistake  as a squadron of 70 point Typhoons would be a good addition.  

Triple Lascannon Predators are actually cheaper than their counterparts (145 vs 165) and AutoLas Predators are only 5 points more expensive, Vindicators 10 points.  All of which can have Power of the Machine Spirit added.  While expensive a Vindicator moving 12” and still shooting could be quite a surprise to your opponents...

98 – Castellan with Tank Hunter TDA and Storm Bolter
128 – Marshall with Tank Hunter, TDA, Power Sword and Storm Bolter 
217 – 4 Command Squad Terminator with Tank Hunter, 2x Assault Cannons, 1 Chain Fist.
270– 5 Elite Terminator's with Tank Hunter, 2x Cyclone Missile Laungers, 1 Chain Fist

151 – 5 Initiates (Marines) 3x Bolters, 1 Lascannon and 1 Plasma gun in a Rhino.
155 – Vindicator with Power of the Machine Spirit.

Blood Angels
With the changes to characters and the addition of Warlord traits as well as getting Victory Points for killing the enemy leader having HQ that are both killey and survivable has become useful.  Outside of Librarians the generic leadership options are all a bit weak, that does still leave us Mephison, Dante and Astrorath.  

Mephison is still a beast giving you a level 3 Psyker with access to the new powers.  While the powers are random the chance of having a Toughness 8 Eternal Warrior or an Invisible Mephiston let alone the ability to re-roll all his misses in combat may make it worth taking the chance...

Dante is still good bringing hit and run and no scatter to his unit but being saddled with an Axe so he is only striking at Initiative one is a real bind.  Furious Charge does put him at Str 6 AP 2, with 6 Attacks on the Charge.  Sanguine Guard as Troops is another benefit although I am not sure how much use they are without the army being focused on Jumpers; they cost as much as Terminators with out the survivability of an invulnerable save.

Astrorath got better now most melee weapons do not ignore his 2+ armour save.  Given that his Axe is a unique weapon he also gets to keep his Initiative 5 and is also Strength 6 AP 3 in combat.  While probably a mistake he is also the only character in the Codex that did not have is rules restricted to only work on Blood Angels; so for the time being he will give any Marines he is with Fearless and re-rolls to hit on the charge.  While not a massive boost it could be useful in the last few turns of a game.

Of course the main reason to allied with the Vampires is to have Assault Marines (ASM) as troops so they score.  I loved my Chaplain and Ultramarine ASM in 4th Edition but not being able to hold an objective in 5th resulted in them staying in the box gathering dust, now they can finally come out to play again.  ASM's in a Razorback are also a good option; as are scouts if you want a minimum priced unit to fill in required slots who can also go to ground in a ruin for a 2+ cover save making them hard to remove..

165 – ASM x5 With Meltagun in Plasmaback
225 – ASM x10 with 2xMeltagun, Sgt with  Bolt Pistol & Plasma Pistol
090 - Scouts x5 with Sniper Rifles and Camo Cloaks.

Dark Angels
Dark Angels are the other Marines with a 4th Edition Codex, although rumoured to be the next one to be replaced.  Many of there units are just weaker than the Ultramarine options so the best they have to offer is Scoring Terminator by taking Belial as your Allied HQ.  The nice thing about Deathwing Terminator's is you can mix Hammer/Shiled and shooty terminator together and even put the missile Launcher on a model with a Storm Shield and/or the Sergeant so you can use precise shot and Look out Sir!

130 – Belial with Storm Shiled and Hammer.
260 – Deathwing Terminator Squad with Apothecary and Cyclone Missile Launcher
230 – Deathwing Terminator Squad with Cyclone Missile Launcher
075 – Typhoon Land Speeder.

Space Wolves
Wolves are going to be the most common ally taken simply because there psykers still have the power to counter other psi powers including blessings.  In fact they are about the only unit in the game that can still do so!  Grey Hunters are cheap can have melta or flamer in small squads and you can attach the Wolf Guard to be a Sergeant if you want.  The other use for the Elite slot is the Lone Wolf; A battle mad Terminator with two ablative wounds (wolves).  The heavy slot offers you an extra Predator if you want to spam AV13 or the excellent Long Fang for missile launchers.

100 – Rune Priest
155 – Grey Hunters x5 with Meltagun and Plasmaback
140 – Long Fangs x6 with 5x Missiles

So what do the mighty Ultramarine's bring to the party?  They have cheap Storm Shields; Librarians with Null Zone and Gate; Tactical squads with heavy weapons; Sternguard; A better Ravenwing than Dark Angels, and if you really want you can just take a cheap unit of scouts to fill the troops slot.  They also have Combat Tactics which got a big boost in 6th  since the presence of nearby enemy does not stop units from rallying any longer; therefore so long as your fall back move kept you on the table you will automatically rally in your movement phase.

140 – Librarian with TDA and Storm Shield
400 – Assault Terminators x10 with Hammer and Shield
210 – Tactical Marines x10 with Meltagun & Missiles (or Multi-melta) in Rhino
200 – Captain on a Bike with Relic Blade, Storm Shield, Artifact Armour, Melta Bombs
210 – Bikes x 5 with Meltagun x2 and  MM Attack Bike

Sunday, 29 January 2012

WHFB – Vampires!

A little late to the party but I finally got to read the new Vampire Counts army book. I thought it was about time I got back to writing something so I thought I would start with my thoughts on the book.

Overall it has some nice additional optionals including a Master Necromancer who can lead your army so you no longer need to try and balance points for a warrior-wizard Lord. Vampires got a small boost with the ability to occasionally, 1 in 6, heal if they kill something in melee. Skeletons & Zombies got cheaper, wolfs now count as core although Ghouls got more expensive. Unlike Tomb Kings Undead still get to march (if within 12” of the general). Which given there lack of shooting is something they really needed.

I find it quite amusing that the new lore attribute for Vampire magic is the same as the lore of Life; you get to heal a wound for each spell cast. Vampires already have seven spells so they did not gain any more. Although this does mean that Vampires that take a different lore no longer get an extra spell. Their lore lost the Summon Horde spell although its two effects have been merged into Raise Dead and Invocation. Spells have powered up versions you can use but you can also no longer cast the same spell multiple times a turn with the same caster meaning you are more likely to want several wizards in your army instead.

Invocation: Now heals d6+Wizard Level to all units in 6/12/18” with a casting value the same as its range.
Danse Macabre: Still re-rolls to hits and 8” move but no more charging. Level two effects all units in a 12” bubble.
Hellish Vigour: The new spell; allows a unit to re-roll to wound which is nice and level two effects all units within range.
Gaze: Still a Str 4 Magic Missile but now with a 48” range level two.
Raise Dead: Now 2d6+3 Zombies or . at level two, Skeletons.
Curse of Years: Slightly harder to cast but still inflicts wounds on the whole unit with no armour save.
Winds of (un)death: No more summoning a spirit host and it is now a magic vortex rather than hitting every enemy unit on the battlefield.

In line with all the new books the magic item list has been cut down from about forty to nine. A few of the missing items have been appropriated by special characters and the rest seem to have just vaporised. The screaming banner has been reduced in cost so a unit of skeletons can take it and I would expect almost every army using them will do so. Making fear tests on 3d6 means people will occasionally fail them! The cursed book has been re-written so you spend d3 power dice to cast a random spell. They are mainly cast on 10+ sells from the shadow and death lists which gives a nice mix. My favourite item the Black Periapt survived the transfer to 8th edition but sadly it is so expensive now that only Lords can take it.

Special Characters
Heinrich Kemmler is the new Necromancer character and you can play him in a 1500 point game. He is a lvl 4 Wizard with loremaster (Vampire) and +5 to dispel due to his staff of sorcery. He can be either ethereal or flying each turn. If he just has a ward save, even 5+, he would be my favourite character. He has stolen the Tomb Blade from the old item list and it now acts as a Sword of Strife as well as regenerating Skeletons and now Grave Guard. He gets +WS, +S, +I, +Ld* over a standard Necromancer Lord. Since he also forces opponents to reveal there magical items ethereal should keep him reasonable safe in combat. The downside is that you have something like a 50 point magic sword that is only going to kill about one foot solider a turn where as for only a few points more you could take a Vampire Lord with armour and a ward save and a much better stat line.

*His profile in the rules and unit section differ so he may not get the leadership boost.

I liked the old Vlad; you got 240 points of equipment/wargear as opposed to 200 that a normal lord could take. The downside was you could not change any of it and he had no armour. He was a decent combat general with a 4+ Ward. So for 35 points more than DIY Lord with a 4+ Ward you got an extra attack and a change to resurrect after he died. The new Vlad has at least put some armour on. He pays the extra points for it but you can still field him as your general in a 2k army. Blooddrinker though is now barley better than a Sword of Might. A normal Lord can buy ASF, but Vlad's is conditional on Isabella being in the same unit and, while improved, she is not worth the cost to play. So you now spend 69 points more on Vlad that crafting your own leader and all you get is his resurrection ability and a slightly improved chance of healing 1 wound each round in melee (you no longer even get the extra attack). As nice as his “Get out of Death Free” card is those points could be much better spent on powers/wargear to either keep your Lord alive in the first place or increase his damage output in melee.

Isabella is now a standard Vampire Hero with heavy armour (and costs almost twice as much as last edition). You pay 50 points for the blood chalice. Given that the lore attribute is healing seems a waste of a magic items points and she does not get any of the cool vampire powers. Count Mannfred is still the same with his double loremaster, but is now too expensive to use in a 2k game. I think the Acolyte Mannfred is better just for his loremaster (Vampire) although he does cost the same as a Lvl 4 Necromancer. Which means you are trading a wound and two caster levels for more spells, heavy armour and better combat stats.

Building a Lord at 1500 Point Army
I usually play smaller games with friends so my first concern is what sort of leader can I make for my army with 375 limit on my Lord.

Kemmler or a fully equipped Necromancer Lord gives an easy Lvl 4 Wizard. If we want a Vampire Lord though we have to make a compromise between magic and melee. Since magic levels are more expensive there is not a lot of choice if we want a 4+ ward save as well. We might as well just slap on armour of destiny and call it done.

The best two powers for combat are Red Fury and Quick Blood. This puts our Lord as a 300 point level 1 Wizard with WS 7, I 7 and ASF and leaves 75 points for a magic weapon and armour. Taking Sword of Might gives us gives us a 4+/4++ save; 5 strength 6 attacks. Whereas Sword of Striking + Enchanted Shield gives us a 3+/4++ save; 5 strength 5 attacks, which should be hitting on 2's. Each of them performs better against some armies than the other.

Lord Options
300 Master Necromancer; Level 4 Master of the Dead with Talisman of Preservation & Cursed Book.
350 Heinrich Kemmler
375 Vampire Lord; Level 4 Wizard with armour of Destiny.
374 Vampire Lord with Red Fury, Quick Blood and Talisman of Preservation, Sword of Might, heavy armour & shield.
371 Vampire Lord with Red Fury, Quick Blood and Talisman of Preservation, Sword of Striking, heavy armour & Enchanted shield.

The last two are really very similar so it gives me four different leaders to try out and see which I actually like in play. Troops is going to be skeletons and zombies and then some Grave Guard and maybe Black Knights. There are several new units, like the Mortis Engine, that I need to look at and see what will work well.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Time of Legends Campaign - Part One

Overview: 6 week Warhammer Fantasy campaign set in an alternate universe from the Old World. Players start with a 750 point army and each week get 150-250 points of extra units depending on the results of the battle. Players also roll on the exploration chart each week to see if they find any magic items or other relics.

Background: There was a terrible time of turmoil and war that apocalyptically shattered their magnificent crystal cities, which were split into thousands of shards that scattered across the lands. Without the wisdom and the abilities of the Hiasars these shards corrupted the surrounding landscape and blighted most of the idyllic lands. On the fringe of this blighted and broken landscape small settlements grew into fledgling nations. The different races adapted to their peripheral settlements and only ventured into the Broken Lands in the desperate attempt to find the much sought after crystal shards.

These shards can still harness the elemental powers of the Hiasars, though in a greatly diminished capacity. Going into the Broken Lands for any extended time warps and corrupts those that enter and now various tribes of foul beasts and monsters roam the lands preying on desperate shard miners. Besides the mining activities there is only one other time any of the races would dare enter the Blasted Lands and that is during the Time of Legends.

There remains an enduring generational prophecy across all of the races which foretells of the rebuilding of the Hiasars crystal city in the heart of the Blasted Lands. Every fifty years when the three moons align during the lunar eclipse, the crystal city is reformed awaiting a new master to sit upon its grand crystal throne. It is rumored that whoever sits upon the throne will be able to restore the Blaster Lands and reinstate control of the lands and thus rule the world. Every fifty years each nation has sent large armies into the Blasted Lands to try to find and fight their way to the heart of the mirage-like crystal city but none have succeeded. The nations have stopped sending one large army into the Lands for this quest and instead now hope that smaller strike forces have a better chance of reaching the crystal throne. There has also been a connecting ancient prophesy which states that it will not be a famous and well known general who finally sits on the crystal throne but an unknown who endures the trials and becomes a legend in the making...


With a little bit of poetic licence here is the first two battle reports...

Prince Morkin of the moon-kin looked out at the devastation. The cavalry thundering over the barrow had disturbed there centuries long rest. Then the cannon balls had blasted open the sacred chamber spilling his fathers bones across the green fields. Servants were still out looking for his leg.

Unable to stand the King looked up at his son. As their eyes met Morkin felt the projection of his fathers voice inside his head. These are troubled times when men do not show respect to their ancestors graves. Gather warriors and go seek vengeance for this attack. The shades say tracks lead into the broken lands. Take my enchanted helm with you.

750 Barrow Kings
114 Prince Morkin w/ Great Weapon, Dragonhelm
70 Liche Priest Rorthan
135 Casket of Souls
130 Archers x20 w/ Champion Longshot
66 Skeleton Warriors x14 w/ Champion Boney
235 Tomb Guard x15 w/ Champion Yohan, Standard, Banner of Undying

Week One: Battle vs Chaos Warriors

Sorcerer with 15 Chaos Warriors
40 Maurders with Great Weapons
15 Chaos Warriors
5 Dogs of war

Rorthan the Liche Priest looked at Morkin. They had spent ten days in the wastelands and their was still no sine of the defilers. He thought this was a worthless quest but he was bound by blood and magic to follow the Prince, to the ends of the earth if needed, enacting the Kings will.

Morkin finished talking with the shades and informed Rorthan of the approaching band of warriors. He formed the ranks of warriors up into a defensive formation and ordered the archers to shoot down the horde charging over the hill towards them. At the same time Rorthan focused the might of the ancient casket to blast bolts of lighting into the warriors on the right flank. He watched it arc from one unit to the next searing away flesh as it did so. In response the Sorcerer blasted away skeletons with arcane fire faster than Rorthan could reassemble them.

The archers unleashed four volleys of arrows into the Chaos horde before the two armies clashed. Leading his Warriors in a glorious charge the Sorcerer assaulted Morkin's unit. A blast of arcane power burnt away one of Morkin's eyes. As he staggard backwards Yoric stepped up and decapitated the Sorcerer. Seeing their leader dead the warriors turned to run but were cut down by the Tomb Guard.

Rorthan and his archers were not so lucky as they were ground down by the other unit of Warriors. The dogs of war ripped apart the casket crew and then, together with the last few Maurders, charged at Morkin; where they died to the striking blades of the Tomb Guard. Having taken the measure of each other the last few warriors of Chaos gathered their wounded and retreated leaving Morkin the victor.

It took Rorthan some time after the battle to reassemble himself and the rest of the moon-kin. While he waited Morkin ordered his guard to cut down the trees and assemble catapults. Once this was all done Rorthan drained the power from the sorcerers charms infusing it into himself and used rituals of binding to place some of the loyal shades inside the lifeless husks of the enemy so that they could once more walk the lands.

Additions: 2x Catapults, 2 Warriors, 2 Tomb Guard, Musian for Archers. Lvl 2 Wizard.
Morkin gained Regeneration, -BS. Yohan +WS


Week Two: Battle vs Vampire Counts
Vampire leading 20 Ghouls
20 Revenants
3 Wraiths

Morkin's empty eye socket still ached from the magical wound that would not regenerate. The dying minstral his scouts had picked up told him how a vampire had attacked his caravan and he was the only one to get away. The vile vampire was using his arcane might to bind the dead into his eternal service. This was the perfect opportunity to try out the new catapults on an ancient enemy.

Channelling the mighty power of the casket Rorthan blasted the wraiths off the material plane while the catapuls smashed ghouls and revenants to dust. The Vampire used his powers to summon more ghouls while the catapults turned their attention to the Varghulf. The mighty creature lithely dodged the giant flaming stones that rained down around it. Stumbling forward across the rough ground the Varghulf eventually managed to rip the skeletal warriors and a catapult apart. The vampire lead his ghouls into a mighty charge destroying the casket and then tirning to face off against Morkin and his guards. Rorthan was charged by the last few revenants but a giant stone flew off target and crushed the last revenant leaving Rorthan and a few scattered archers alive.

As neither general wanted to risk more of there troops against the other both retreated to lick their wounds. Rorthan used his powers to pull the scattered bones of the defeated back together and bound the dead minstrels soul to his bones so he too could join the expedition.

Additions: Morkin +Att, Longshot +Att, Rowthan +W & Wizard Lvl 3.
Gained a Bard. Warriors x10, Tomb Guardx10

Mantic Undead, Undead 1 - WIP
Tactics: It was not my original intent but playing against two armies with no ranged attacks I ended up using my undead as a gun-line army. While my shooting was weak I was able to do enough damage to approaching units to then actually win some combats! I did forget though that the casket explodes when it dies. I was quite lucky with the entire Vampire army failing charges for a couple of turns.

Image Credits: Wenzel Hablik, Wonder of the Sea, 1917

Sunday, 24 July 2011

More Metrics (for Tyranids)

Well it has been a busy month for me. I failed my Uni course and spent a lot of time getting a job sorted. The good news is I have got one sorted and it starts next month. So I have few loose ends to tidy up before I start; one of which was doing the metrics for Kirby's Tyranid army...

Kirby's 2k Tyranids
2x Prime w/LW, Bonesword, Toxin, Regen
2x3 Hive Guard
1x3 Zoanthrope
2x Tervgion w/Catalyst, Toxin, Adrenal, Cluster, Scything Talons
2x10 Termagant
2x4 Ravener w/Rending
2x T-Fex w/Rupture, Cluster, Dess

Now Purgatus pointed out that working out dead Land Raiders with a 4+ to hit in melee was a bit misleading since they will always go fast to avoid melee damage. As such I have redone all the numbers for AV 14. APC's on the other hand will often stick at 6" movement since they still want to fire guns so I have left those numbers unchanged.

So lets look at all the previous five lists again and add Kirby's too.
List. DMS .. DMCC .. DR pG .. DLR pG .

For wrecking Land Raiders a pair of Carnifex (with 6.02) are just ahead of two T-fex (with 5.19) in raw numbers but the T-fex has the advantage of being able to shoot as well as rip them apart with teeth and claws. What is very noticeable is how much of a difference Zoantrhopes now make to the DLRpG score. I could ramble on but I do not think their is a lot more to say. If we use these six as the guide for offensive metrics our golden ratio for a 2k army would be - Shooting 19+; Melee 47+; APC's 100+; Raiders 10+

Is this achievable? I am not sure but I will let you know if I find one..

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Mantic Open Day 2011

Salutations everyone,

Today was Mantic's second open day. We got into Mantic Towers just after ten o'clock and were greeted by Chris, Ronnie and the rest of the gang. There were a variety of events happening including a tour of the warehouse (where Ronnie showed us the content of the secret room); a massive eight player King of War game; painting competition; demo games and of course the shop! We were not allowed to take photos of the new stuff but here are the shots I did get during the day...

I love the Dark Elf, if only I could paint this good...
Ronnie said during the tour that they are shipping out 60,000 figures a week at the moment. The next edition of Kings of War rules will have three new races - Human, Goblins and Twilight Kin (Dark Elves). They are also looking into the cost of remaking the byssal Dwarf in plastic to see if it is feasible.

Orky was guarding the secret room. Inside were the first moulds of the Forgefarther Space Dwarfs which Golum Studios are going to be painting in a nice blue colour (with a possible yellow trim) and concept sketches for the vehicles (one for each race). Forgefarthers get a quad barrels gun platform and the Pirates get a dune buggy. The painters were also kind enough to give me some painting tips so maybe next year I will have a model to enter in the competition. Overall I had a great time. I got to play a couple of more games of KoW (during which there were several comparisons to another well known fantasy game) as well as pick up a few more figures for my army.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

40k Metrics - Tyranid Fex-star

Carrying on with looking at the 40k Metrics of different Tyranid lists this time we will analyses a couple of Fex-star builds. Lists and full numbers are below. For those adding up at home remember that the Genestealers melee damage against APC's is capped at 15. Carnifex scores have not been capped as some of it is from shooting.

Two Fexstar's and Purgatus' T-fex/Prime Nidzilla comparison
List. DMS .. DMCC .. DR pG .. DLR pG .

The Addition of the Zoantrhopes really helps to boost MEQ Shooting and Raider killing power but the list loses significant close combat potential. That said at over 40 it is still an amazing high figure contending with the Orks. Carnifex give us a much better Land Raider killing score than T-fex but are limited to only doing do in melee which means they will most likely have delivered their cargo.

Working from just these numbers I would be tempted to replace the Raveners with Zoanthropes in Hulksmash's army and use the last few points for upgrading the primes to give us -

.. DMS .. DMCC .. DR pG .. DLR pG .

My thoughts on Ghostin's list would be to drop one Biovore and probably the Broodlord to get the second prime. That way you can play the Carnifex as two broods for better treat saturation and they each get easy cover saves due to the Primes. I like the idea of Bioplasma I am just not sure how effective it is actually going to be?

Hulksmash's Fexstar @2000 Points
200 - Prime w/ Dual Boneswords, Toxin Sacs 2x1
300 - Hive Guard 3x2
390 - Tervigon w/ Adrenals, Toxins, Catalyst, Clusters 2x1
100 - Termagants 2 x10
420 - Genestealers 2x15
210 - Raveners x6 Rending Claws
190 - Carnifex Quad Twin-Linked Devourers
190 - Carnifex Quad Twin-Linked Devourers
14 Kill Points: 50 Bugs, 14 Large Bugs, 4 Monsters

Unit. DMS .. DMCC .. DR pG .. DLR pG .
Prime x20.6754.170
Hive Guard x62.222200
Tervigon x22.223.3316.675.56
Spawn x453.7511.2500
Gaunts x100.832.500
Gaunts x100.832.500
Genestealers x30016.6737.50
Raveners x6 RC05.5614.580
Carnifex x254.174018.06

Ghostin's proposed NOVA list @1999 Points
100 - Prime Regen, Twin Boneswords
300 - Hive Guard 2x3
180 - zoanthropes x3
420 - Tervigon x2 - cat, onslaught, tox, ag, cluster
100 - Devilgaunts x10
050 - termagants x10
284 - genestealers x14 w/ Toxic sacs, Broodlord
135 - biovore x3
430 - carnifex x2 - TL devs/brainleech, bioplasma, frag spines
11 Kill Points: 33 Bugs, 14 Large Bugs, 4 Monsters
Unit. DMS .. DMCC .. DR pG .. DLR pG .
Prime x10.332.222.080
Hive Guard x62.222200
Zoanthropes x35.50.57.646.11
Tervigon x22.223.3316.115.56
Spawn x453.7511.2500
Dev-Gaunts x102.52.500
Gaunts x100.832.500
Stealers x13011.816.250
biovore x31.670.500
Carnifex x27.54.174018.06

Prime, Lashwhip/Bonesword, Regeneration, Rending Claws
Prime, Lashwhip/Bonesword, Regeneration, Scything Talons
Hive Guard x 2x2
Zoanthrope x 2
Tervigon, Catalyst, Onslaught, Adrenals, Toxins, Scything Talons, Cluster Spines 2x1
Termagants 2 x 10
Genestealers 2x 12, Toxins
Tyrannofex, Rupture Cannon, Dessicator, Cluster Spines 2x1

Unit. DMS .. DMCC .. DR pG .. DLR pG .
Rending Prime01.672.080
Sything Prime01.942.430
Hive Guard x41.481.3313.330
Zoanthropes x23.670.335.094.07
Tervigon x22.223.3316.675.56
Spawn x453.7511.2500
Gaunts x201.67500
Tox-stealers x24020300
t-Fex RC/DL x253.33258.89