Friday, 27 August 2010

13: Tales of a Splinter Fleet

Game Thirteen: 1750 points vs Ultramarines
Games 1-12 can be found on DakkaDakka

Splinter Fleet Lyracian
Daddy Hive Tyrant (Old Adversary, TLBDx2) & one Guard
Junior Hive Tyrant (Old Adversary, TLBDx2) & one Guard
Zoanthropes x2
Hive Guard 2 Broods x2
Xenomorphs (Genestealers) 2 Broods x10 w/ Toxic Sacs
Mummy Tervigon with TS, AG, Catalysis
Termagants one Brood x10
Tiny the Tyrannofex with Rupture Cannon

Snack: Chaplain Caecilius with Jump Pack
Canned Fruit: Purpureus & Albus Tactical Squads with flamer, missiles, Fist and Rhino
Canned Veg: Lucifer Tactical Squad with flamer, Hvy Bolter, Power Sword and Rhino
Dinner: Plumbeus Devastator Squad with 4 Missiles
Tea: Tripudio Assault Squad with Fist and two Flamers.
Appetiser: Tempestas Terminator Squad with assault cannon & CML
Inedible rock: Brother Grumio Dreadnought

Mission: Capture and Control, Spearhead

Marines deployed in the north-east with all the tactical units in combat squads. The Sgt and flamer went in the APC's while the heavy weapons were stationed in the ruins.

The marines were defending the communication equipment (objective) on the roof of the four story ruined tower in the east. Squads Plumbeus, Purpureus-gravis & Lucifer-gravis were all in the tower. Albus-gravis was on the roof of a small building to the north. Tempestas & Tripudio were in front of the tower next to the water silo. Purpureus-pugnus was on there right (western) flank while Brother Grumio, Albus-pugnus & Lucifer-gladius were on there left flank.

Tyranids deployed in the South-west. Daddy and Junior formed the centre behind a small hill. A line of Termagants is in front of them with hive guard ether side. Behind them mummy was concealed in a ruined bunker where she was laying eggs (objective). To the east of the bunker was Tiny being escorted by the Zoanthropes.

Turn One
Brother Grumio, Tempestas, Tripudio and the three APC's all advance toward the centre. Between them they kill half the Termagant screen and put one wound on Juniors guard. Squads Plumbeus, Purpureus-gravis and Albus-gravis all fire there missiles at Mummy. She makes most of her cover saves and only takes a single wound (lucky Mummy).

Hive guard open fire wrecking APC-Purpureus and immobilising APC-Lucifer. Junior kills the terminator with Assault Cannon while Daddy and the Zoanthropes slaughter seven members of Tripudio including the Sargent. Finally Tiny manages to immobilise Brother Grumio. Mummy produces a dozen babies who rush forward to form a new screen. She unfortunately pops a blood vessel trying to make herself immune to pain.

Turn Two
Chaplain Caecilius leads his three men into battle against Daddy (having managed to wound the Hive Guard with the flamer). Meanwhile Juniors guard and Termagants evaporate under rapid-fire from squads Albus-pugnus & Lucifer-gladius (who have left there APC's) and Tempestas. All the missile launchers shoot at Mummy inflicting two more wounds. Caecilius is ripped apart and the survivors of Tripudio flee being chased by Daddy. The two APC's have formed a barricade to the east of the water silo stopping any advance while Tempestas hold the northern route.

Mummy makes herself immune to pain and pumps out another dozen gaunts to replace the dead. Daddy advances on Tripudio, but shoots at Albus-gravis forcing them to flee. Advancing Junior nerve shocks Tempestas and kills one Terminator. Gaunts assault Purpureus-pugnus. Tiny shoots and charges Albus-pugnus wiping them out. The first unit of Xenomorphs arrives in the west and heads toward Mummy and her eggs (objective).

Turn Three
Squad Tripudio flees the battlefield while Albus-gravis rally and return to there position on the roof. Brother Grumio finally manages to wound Tiny with his Mult-melta (one out of three is bad). Lucifer-gladius shoots and assaults Tiny. Purpureus-pugnus finish off the gaunts and climb onto the hill. Unable to shoot straight Tempestas only manage to inflict a single wound on Junior. The Heavy Bolter kills more Termagants while the missiles try and finish off Mummy. She shrugs off the shots feeling no pain.

With the rest of the Xenomorphs arriving in wrong place (right behind there brothers) the game is looking very drawn. Having spawned her last ten babies Mummy advances killing another Terminator under a hail of spines. Daddy charges onto the hill, rips Purpureus-pugnus limb from limb, and clambers down the far side. Zoanthropes vaporise APC-Albus. This leaves an open route for Tiny to run forward as he has finished eating Lucifer-gladius. Junior and his gaunts charge into Tempestas. The two remaining terminators fail to wound Junior (darn snake eyes) but hold firm.

Turn Four
A barrage of missiles puts another wound on Mummy. Daddy takes a wound from the heavy bolter. Brother Grumio misses tiny again! Zoanthropes explode both of the dreadnoughts arms while hive guard kill one marine from Plumbeus and reduce Albus-gravis to a single marine with a bolter. One brood of Xenomorphs rush north while the other guard the eggs. Everything else runs towards the tower with Junior making it.

Turn Five
Plumbeus inflict two wounds on Junior while Purpureus-gravis & Albus-gravis wipe out the large Termagant brood at his heels. Junior charges up the tower into combat with Albus-gravis. Tiny and three Termagants made into the tower while everything else shoots Purpureus-gravis. Zoanthropes killed four marines with warp blast and Daddy finished them off.

Turn Six
No longer having an objectives the marines try for a draw. Plumbeus put a barrage of missiles into the Xenomorphs hoping to make them flee (it fails). The lone marine from squad Albus runs forward but is cut down by Xenomorphs. Daddy and the Zoanthropes obliterate squad Plumbeus while Junior does the same to Albus-gravis. Hive guard manage to shoot the gun off the immobilised APC.

Turn Seven
Ultramarines start the turn with a Dreadnought (with no arms or legs) and an immobilise Rhino with no gun. The Zoanthropes finish Brother Grumio while the APC withstands all my other shooting! Finally Daddy has to charge to rip it open. We did not really need to play it, but the dice said there was a turn seven. I just wanted to see if would actually be annihilation or not.

Aftermath: Win by annihilation (I had both objectives as well)
Warp Blast and Brainleech Worm Devourers were the MVP's this game. Zoanthropes killed half the assault marines, a couple of terminators and most of the marines holding the objective on there own. The sheer torrent of fire from the Tyrants was outstanding. I did miss the 2+ save from armoured shell but I will try this configuration for Tyrants again.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

I finally painted some Tyranids

I finally got some time to do some painting (first time this year) and was able to get about half my Tyranid army covered in read and black. I was also able to finish off my Hive Tyrant and Zoanthropes.