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Tyranid Etymology

The Tyranid Threat
Since our first sporadic contacts with Genestealers there have been many misconceptions associated with them. We first thought they were indigenous to the moons of Ymgarl, later this was determined to be in err and subsequently a xenocide campaign was conducted on said moons. When the Tyranid hivefleets came upon the Imperium, the creatures were named in relation to the first notable plant to fall before their advance, the exploratory station of Tyran. – Draco Legion Biomedical Reserch station: NewHallefuss

Origin of the Species
Most of the Tyranid organisms in the Warhammer 40k universe have been given Latin or Greek names. This makes them sound more exotic and fits with the general use of Latin by the Imperium. I can not really take credit, beyond compilation, for this etymology as it is all taken from other websites, particually Wiktionary.

Biovore – This suffix comes from the Latin vorare (to devour), and is used to form nouns indicating what kind of a diet an animal has. From Ancient Greek βίος (“life”). Therefore, a biovore eats life.

Carnifex – The public executioner at Rome who put slaves and foreigners to death. It was also his business to administer torture. This office was considered so disgraceful, that he was not allowed to reside within the city.

Gargoyle – The term 'gargoyle' was derived from French gargouille meaning 'throat', which originated from the Latin gurgulio meaning 'gullet'. Gargoyles were used to decorate buildings, and to provide a spout for rainwater run-off. A decorative carved grotesque winged figure on a building. There is also a French legend about a dragon-like monster called Gargouille.

Gaunt – Meaning lean, angular and bony

Harridan – Modification of French haridelle (“old horse, nag”).

Harpy – Greek Mythology. One of several loathsome, voracious monsters with the head and trunk of a woman and the tail, wings, and talons of a bird

Hierodule – From the Greek "temple" + "female slave"), was a temple slave in the service of a specific deity, often with the connotation of religious prostitution.

Hierophant – From ancient Greece is an interpreter of sacred mysteries and arcane principles.

Hormagaunt – A legendary undying monster that steals children and lives on the supposedly mythical planet Thamber in the Killing Machine (1964) a science fiction novel by Jack Vance. The only real world reference is Hormah (meaning "devoted to destruction") in the Bible. Numbers 21:3 – And the LORD hearkened to the voice of Israel, and delivered up the Canaanites; and they utterly destroyed them and their cities: and he called the name of the place Hormah.

Lictor – Perhaps derived from the Latin verb ligare (to bind), because the lictors had to bind the hands and feet of criminals before they were punished. They were a member of a special class of Roman civil servant, with special tasks of attending and guarding magistrates. They carried axes that symbolized the power to execute. So this would probable have been a beter name for Tyrant Guard father than a chameleon assassin.

Malefactor – A criminal. From Latin male (“ill”) + facere (“to do”).

Morloc – Maw is from Indo-European *mak- ‘bag, belly’. The upper digestive tract, especially mouth and jaws, or a perilous opening. Loc from Latin locus, meaning place or location. There is also Morlocks who are a fictional species created by H. G. Wells for his 1895 novel, The Time Machine.

Mycetic Spore – From the Greek and Latin roots, -mycete means fungus and from ancient Greek spora, “seed, a sowing”). Also a thick resistant particle produced by a bacterium to survive in harsh or unfavourable conditions (in this case dropping from orbit onto a planets surface).

Norn Queen – In Norse mythology) Norns are any of the three goddesses of fate or destiny.

Narvhal – Closest I can find is the Narwhal (a small arctic whale).  Given that the Narvhal is a space-whale I suspect this is where it is from.

Parasite of Mortrex – May come from the latin word "mortis" meaning death and “rex” meaning king. If only he had Eternal Warrior he might manage to be the King of death!

Pyrovore – This suffix comes from the Latin vorare (to devour), and is used to form nouns indicating what kind of a diet an animal has. From Latin pyr “fire”. Therefore, a pyrovore eats fire.

Ravener – From medieval French raviner 'rush, seize by force', itself from ravine 'rapine', from Latin rapina 'plundering, loot', itself from rapere 'seize, plunder, abduct'. plunder; food obtained by violence.

Shrike – Any of various birds which are known for their habit of catching other birds and small animals and impaling the uneaten portions of their bodies on thorns

Tyrannid – A passerine (perching or song) bird of the suborder Tyranni.

Termagant – In Medieval Europe, Termagant was the name given to a god that the Europeans believed Muslims worshipped. Centuarys later because of its use in theatre the term came to refer to a bullying person particularly to a quarrelsome, scolding woman. In Jack Vance's 1962 book The Dragon Masters, a subspecies is the man-sized termagant.

Trygon – Any one of several species of large sting rays. Who are capable of inflicting excruciating wounds with their venomous tail spines.

Trannofex – From the Greek words τυράννος (tyrannos, meaning "tyrant") + fex (from facere, to make or do). Literally “Maker or bringer of Tyranny”. Not quite sure how this big dumb monster makes it though…

Venomthrope – Venom is a toxic secretion in animals that is actively delivered to the target organism, either to paralyse or incapacitate. from Latin venēnum, poison + Greek anthrop- man. Literally meaning a poisonous man or person.

Zoanthrope – The word zoanthropic (Origin: Greek. Animal + man) is a descriptive term for a mental disorder in which people believe themselves to be animals. Zoanthropy kind of monomania, or delusion, in which patients are convinced that they have been transformed into an animal.

Now it has become impossible to tell where the Tyranid warrior ends and its weapon symbiotes begin. I think we can be assured that the Norn Queens will continue to work tirelessly towards forms more and more perfectly adapted for killing the inhabitants of this galaxy just as they have in others before ours. Simply put, over the coming centuries we may be out-evolved to the point of extinction. – Magos Biologis Alder Garrick

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Mathhammer for the Hive Mind

I actually enjoy doing mathematical analysis to see how efficient different units are. Dice can be fickle but the more dice you roll should bring you closer to the mean. Not that this helps my constantly under-performing Tervigon. This page is intended as a mathematical reference for Tyranid players and I shall be adding more analysis (and formatting) later.

Calculus for Hive Tyrants
Pythagoras' Theorem will help with guessing ranges but beyond that maths will not win you games. What it will do is help you to know what performance to expect from your army. Of course knowing that your Hive Guard should kill three Rhinos in a six turn game does not help if they underperform for the first three turns.

Tyanid Ranged Anti-Tank
Here is the chance each unit has of opening a tin can. I have calculated the probability of dealing with armour in a single shooting phase. I have chosen to display this as a percent since 66% reads much better than 0.66.

First three columns are the chance to Immobilise or Kill AV 14, 13 & 12.
Next two are killing AV 11 & 10. The last column is to the chance to stun AV 12.
Anti-Tank . . . .Immob+ . .Immob+ . Immob+ . Kill . . Kill . . . .Stun+
. . . .VS . . . . .AV14 . . . .AV13 . . . AV12 . . . AV11 . . AV10 . . AV12
3 Zoanthropes . 66.51% . 66.51% . 66.51% . 61.35% . 66.51% . 88.18%
3 Hive Guard .. 10.61% . 36.98% . 56.53% . 50.67% . 61.79% . 91.22%
2 Hive Guard .. 07.20% . 26.50% . 42.61% . 37.57% . 47.34% . 80.25%
T-fex – Rupture 18.50% . 25.85% . 32.85% . 25.85% . 30.56% . 65.97%
HVC . . . . . . . . 02.89% . 05.78% . 08.67% . 05.78% . 7.22% . 26.00%
Harpy TL HVC . . 03.78% . 07.56% . 11.33% . 07.56% . 09.44% . 34.00%
Stranglethorn . . 00.00% . 00.00% . 01.44% . 02.89% . 05.78% . 08.67%
TL Deathspitterx2.0.00% .00.00% . 00.00% . 00.00% . 22.54% . 00.00%
TL Brainleech . . 00.00% . 00.00% . 00.00% . 11.87% . 22.54% . 55.12%
TL Brainleechx2.00.00% . 00.00% . 00.00% . 22.33% . 39.99% . 79.86%
Mycetic Spore . 00.00% . 00.00% . 00.00% . 05.43% . 10.61% . 29.03%
3xLictor FHooks 05.43% . 10.61% . 15.55% . 08.05% . 15.55% . 40.67%
For Comparison -
Marine Lascanx2.14.27% . 24.25% . 33.61% . 27.43% . 33.61% . 69.14%

Carnifex/Trygon Vs Fast Tank (6's to hit)
SK = Screamer-Killer, AG = Adrenal Glands. Claws assumed +2 Attacks
. . . . . . . . . . .Immob/Kill Imm/Kill.Imm/Kill . . Kill . . . Kill . . . Stun+
. . . . . . . . . . .AV14. . . .AV13 . . . AV12 . . AV11 . . . AV10 . . AV12
AG-Trygon . . .. 40.79% . 50.74% . 57.81% . 61.45% . 65.22% . 87.22%
Trygon . . . . . .29.91% . 40.79% . 50.74% . 55.89% . 61.45% . 82.54%
SK-AG-Fex . . .. 50.60% . 53.74% . 55.62% . 56.35% . 56.35% . 83.85%
Skreamer-Killer .46.02% . 50.60% . 53.74% . 55.25% . 56.35% . 82.84%
Dakka-Fex . . . .27.88% . 31.09% . 33.35% . 34.46% . 35.28% . 58.68%
Claw-Fex . . . . 36.72% . 40.62% . 43.33% . 44.65% . 45.61% . 70.99%
Claw/Talon-Fex . 41.54% . 45.77% . 48.69% . 50.09% . 51.13% . 76.93%

Carnifex/Trygon Vs Tank (4+ to hit) Same assumptions as above.
. . . . . . . . . . .Immob/Kill Imm/Kill.Imm/Kill . . Kill . . . Kill . . . Stun+
. . . . . . . . . . .AV14. . . .AV13 . . . AV12 . . AV11 . . . AV10 . . AV12
AG-Trygon .. . 74.44% . 84.82% . 90.42% . 92.74% . 94.76% . 99.90%
Trygon . . . . . 59.63% . 74.44% . 84.82% . 89.04% . 92.74% . 99.58%
SK-AG-Fex . . . 85.77% . 88.46% . 89.92% . 90.46% . 90.46% . 99.90%
Skreamer-Killer.81.28% . 85.77% . 88.46% . 89.64% . 90.46% . 99.85%
Dakka-Fex . . . 65.09% . 70.24% . 73.59% . 75.15% . 76.27% . 96.42%
Claw-Fex . . . .77.09% . 81.68% . 84.50% . 85.76% . 86.65% . 99.05%
Claw/Talon-Fex .82.66% . 86.80% . 89.24% . 90.31% . 91.05% . 99.72%

Charging Monsters
Number of Hits (not Wounds) when Charging WS 4 Infantry.
So here is the math for various Carnifex builds and a Trygon. Keeping a single Talon turned out to give better results than I expected...
Claws assumes +2 Attacks
Carnifex with .. .0 . . . . . .1 . . . . . .2 . . . . . 3 . . . . .4 . . . . . .5 . . . . .6 . . . . .7
Dakkafex . . . . 03.13% . 15.63% . 31.25% . 31.25% . 15.63% . 03.13% . 00.00% . 00.00%
Screamer-Killer 00.10% . 01.46% . 08.79% . 26.37% . 39.55% . 23.73% . 00.00% . 00.00%
Gun/Talon . . . .01.26% . 08.79% . 24.62% . 34.46% . 24.12% . 06.75% . 00.00% . 00.00%
Claws/Gun . . . 00.78% . 05.47% . 16.41% . 27.34% . 27.34% . 16.41% . 05.47% . 00.78%
Claw/Talon . . .00.22% . 02.14% . 08.97% . 20.94% . 29.30% . 24.63% . 11.49% . 02.30%
Trygon . . . . . 00.00% . 00.00% . 00.03% . 00.37% . 03.00% . 14.39% . 38.37% . 43.85%

Screamer-Killer is getting 4+ hits 63.28% of the time.
Claw-fex . . . . is getting 4+ hits 50.00% of the time, 6+ hits 06.25% of the time.
Trygon . . . . . is getting 4+ hits 99.60% of the time, 6+ hits 82.21% of the time.

15: Tales of a Splinter Fleet

Game Fifteen: 1750 Points vs Demons

Splinter Fleet Lyracian
Daddy Swarmlord & two whip Guard
Junior Hive Tyrant (Old Adversary, Shell, TLBDx2)
Zoanthropes x3
Hive Guard 2 Broods x2
Xenomorphs (Genestealers) w/ Toxic Sacs
Mummy Tervigon with TS, AG, Catalysis, Talons
Termagants one Brood x12
Tiny the Tyrannofex with Rupture Cannon

Demons of the Warp
Primary Wave
Cake: Epidemius & twelve Plague Bearers
Toffees: Nurglings x9
Stew: Ku'gath the Plaguefather
Light Snack: Pink Horrors x10

Secondary Wave
Pizza: Skulltaker & ten Bloodletters
Hot Sauce: Flamers of Tzeentch
Raw Meat: Pestilence; Winged Demon Princes of Nurgle
Pot Roast: Tulu; Demon Prince of Tzeentch

Mission: Spearhead, Capture and Control.
Deployment: The demons are roused to war by an arcane signal telling of an ancient phylactery, buried in a graveyard, they have been charged to protect for over two millennia. Apparently the planet is about to be obliterated. Having found a quite hillside mummy, protected by Junior and Tiny, starts to lay more eggs. Hearing strange noises from a graveyard in the north-west Daddy Swarmlord advances towards some central hills to see what is happening.

Turn One
Warping in beside the graveyard were Epidemius and the Nurglings. The Plaguefather materialised behind the hill; unfortunately the Horrors had chose the same spot. They burst forth from his chest sending him screaming back into the warp.

Turn Two
Galloping his steed through the fading portal Skull-taker's cohort sprang forward into the south-eastern foothills. Instantly lightning bolts burned several bloodletters down to just charred bones.

Pestilence rose up from the ground behind mummy. His rotting stentch provoked Juniors wrath. He opened fire with his guns and mentally fried Pestilence's central nervous system allowing mummy's new babies to charge forward and devour the foul creature. Splashing through the larva Swarmy runs towards the hill where the Horrors are cowering under Tiny, and the Hivers, torrent of fire.

Turn Three
Tula slipped between the ever shifting planes onto the planets surface and seared the carapace from a Zoanthrope with his fiery breath. Clambering into the Ruins Skull-taker decapitates the Hivers; he is then nerve-shocked by Junior. Melting the sand below their feet to glass Tzeentch's Flamers landed in front of the graveyard. While they were still disoriented from the trans-location the Xenomorphs jumped out of hiding and charged forwarded devouring them. Jumping the flowing lava Swarmy eviscerated the last Horrors.

Turn Four
Scurrying out of the graveyard the Plague Bearers assault the Xenomorphs killing four. Burning him with flaming breath Tula leaped at Swarmy; only to be felled by the whirling sabres (and rending talons) of death. Swarmy then stomped into the Nurgle swarm. Skull-taker finished the last Zoanthrope however with poison dripping from there fangs gaunts finish him off and swarm over the hill towards the graveyard.

Turn Five
Struggling against there tougher opponents the Xenomorphs are reduced to a single alien. Fortunately help arrives with Hivers and Gaunts mulit-charging into the graveyard rumble. As the twin suns on the doomed planet set Swarmy leads his horde into the final assault on Epidemius.

Aftermath: Victory for the Hive Mind (one objective to zero)
Loosing one sixth of the army to a first turn mishap was a real set back for the demons. It put them on the defensive and they were just not able to threaten my objective all game. They kept playing for the draw and came very close to getting it given how hard it was to chop through all of Nurgle's minions.

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The Swarm from LV-426

Building the Tyranid Swarm
The Tyranid army I play is fairly static so I have been coming up with ideas for the other archetypes available in the codex. I am going to start by looking at the swarm. I do not have enough Hormagaunts to build this at the moment; I do however have a ton of Genestealers I can proxy them with.

Just like the Aliens or Starship Troopers films the idea is to have a seemingly endless horde of a hundred or more bugs swarming across the table toward the opponent. Hormagaunts, Gargoyles and Genestealers are all great for this. I wanted to avoid Monsters, however the Tervigon is just too good to pass up on. Raveners 12" charge helps get them into melee quicker and their claws can destroy tanks. Orinally I was going to use two broods of hormaguants; as I do not own those I instead went for Devilguants.

Army List: The Swarm from LV-426 @ 2000 Points
050 Termagants x10
160 Hormagaunts x20 w/ Toxic Sacs
160 Termagants x16 w/ Devourers
250 Broodlord & Genestealers x11 w/ Toxic Sacs
250 Broodlord & Genestealers x11 w/ Toxic Sacs
150 Gargoyles x25 (Mobile cover for the other units)
210 Raveners x6 w/ Rending Claws

Brains options 1
110 Tyranid Prime w/ Bone Sword & Whip, Deathspitter, Regeneration
220 Zoanthropes x3 in Mycetic Spore
250 Hive Guard x5
190 Tervigon w/ Catalysis, Toxic Sacs, Talons
Has 93 Bugs (single wound models), 17 Large (multi-wound) Bugs , 1 Monster & 1 Spore.

Brains options 2
390 Tervigon w/ Catalysis, Toxic Sacs, Glands x2 (one HQ; one Troops)
180 Zoanthropes x3
200 Two Broods of Hive Guard x2
This gives 93 Bugs (single wound models), 15 Large (multi-wound) Bugs & 2 Monsters

Alternative units
1. Raveners could be replaced with Shrikes for more Synapse and extra shooting.
2. Swap the Prime (and a Hive Guard) for a second Tervigon.
3. Drop the Spore and walk the Zoanthropes with the horde; Spend the extra points on more bugs. Combines quite well with option two.

Genestealers outflank (or infiltrate) to threaten the sides of the gaming table; Meanwhile the Hormagaunts, Raveners & Tervigon are the main horde to charge up the middle of the board. Tervigon gives Feel No Pain (for a 4+ Save) to the front rank of the swarm. They in turn give everything else a 4+ cover save. The Prime goes with the Hive Guard so we can direct our shooting and gives them some combat potential. Zoanthropes will deep strike in to help with Synapse and destroying tanks with their psychic attacks. The Termagants can hold the home objective or join the horde as required. We also have the Tervigon's Babies that will push us past the target of one hundred bugs.

Strengths: The core units are fast moving (Beasts, Wings and Bounding Leap) so should be getting into second or third turn assaults. Combining this with Genestealers attacking from the flanks (or infiltrating) will help minimise the time available for enemy shooting. Even with blast weapons a hundred bugs is a lot to take out.

Weakness: We only have three Synapse units so we are likely to end up with some units running on instincts. This should not be too bad as we want most of them to just charge at the opposition anyway. This list is light on shooting, and while that was part of the design, it may struggle in games against heavily armoured and/or fast tanks. Most of the army gets no save against common handguns; it is reliant on getting cover saves from terrain or other Tyranids.

Other Point values
For higher points - I would add a second Tervigon (as HQ), Hive Guard #6 & Shrikes. I actually put together a 1k list which I like. For 1500 I would add in the Prime and make Tervigon a Troops unit.

1000 Points - The Swarm from LV-426
220 Tervigon: Catalysis, TS, Talons, Regeneration
200 Hive Guard x4
160 Hormagaunts x20 w/ Toxic Sacs
160 Termagants x16 w/ Devourers
170 Genestealers x10 w/ Toxic Sacs
090 Gargoyles x15
Total: 7 Kill Points; 61 Bugs, 4 Large Bugs, 1 Monster.

14: Tales of a Splinter Fleet

Game Fourteen: 1500 Points vs Blood Angels

Splinter Fleet Lyracian
Swarmlord & two whip Guard
Zoanthropes x3
Hive Guard 2 Broods x2
Xenomorphs (Genestealers) w/ Toxic Sacs
Mummy Tervigon with TS, AG, Catalysis, Onslaught, Talons
Termagants one Brood x12
Tiny the Tyrannofex with Rupture Cannon

Blood (Space Vampires) Angels
Starter: Reclusiarch Carstein leading the Death Company (Power Sword)
Energy bar: Konrad & Manfred Two Sanguinary Priest
Meat pie: Alpha and Beta Tactical Squads
Soup: Scouts with Sniper Rifles
Inedible rock: Stormraven Gunship
Inedible rock: Vindicator
Inedible rocks: Vlad and Isabella Furioso Dreadnoughts
Yet more Inedible rocks: Two Typhoon Land Speeders

Mission: Pitched Battle, Capture and Control.
Vlad and Death Company were inside the Stormraven. Priests joined the Marine combat squads by the NE ruin.

Turn One
Spurring his minions forward the Swarmlord advance in the east. While Zoanthropes and Hivers advanced in the west. Urged on by mummy the Hive guard ran forward and managed to snipe the vindicators cannon with shots into its side armour. Only a single gaunt fell under the long range shots of the marines. Gunning its engines to full throtle the Stormraven lauched itself over the tower and disgorged Vlad and the Death company. Charging forward Vlad slaughtered the Hivers while the Death Company rendered the Zoanthropes into jelly.

Turn Two
Tiny and mummy’s new babies blasted away at the Death Company killing two. Then Tiny launched himself into melee, doubling the death count. Abandoning his underlings the Swarmlord charged to the left crushing Vlad under his hooves as he went. The Swarm advanced while the Hivers detonating Isobella with well placed shots into the arm joints. Creeping around behind the marines the Xenomorphs leaped out and multi-charged Alpha-flamma & Beta-flamma. When the dust settled only three marines and Konrad were still fighting Xenomorphs. Under a barrage of missiles and sniper fire both Tyrant Guard and one Hive Guard perished. Now fighting alone Recusiarch Carstein wounded Tiny. Butchering Konrad and his troops the Xenomorphs advanced on Beta-gravis.

Turn Three
Xenomorphs eat Beta-gravis, while Swarmy clambered into the ruins and chopped down the scouts with his whirling blades. Tiny rips the armoured plates off the Vindicator and the sole remaining Hive Guard blasts the gyro-stabiliser from a speeder causing it to crash. Feeling no pain Swarmy survives marine shooting with one wound remaining.

Turn Four
Alpha-gravis were dispatched under Swarmy's whirling blades. The Xenomorphs crown around the Stormraven scratching its paintwork. Forming a conga-line the gaunts stretch out from the ruins to reach the marine objective and stay in synapse. In at attempt to contest both objectives the speeder turbo-boosted south, while the Stormraven jetted east mowing down gaunts with its assault cannon.

Turn Five
A Mighty blast from Tiny's cannon finished off the speeder and the Stormraven was immobilised as the remaining Xenomorphs clambered over its hull.

Aftermath: Win for the Hive Mind (Two objectives to zero).
Despite the marines having a bad shooting phase by the end of turn one it was looking bad for the hive mind, however the next two turns saw the game swing around completely. Tiny and Swarmy were both down to their last wound and without FNP wound have probably died. Once more Genestealers were the perfect unit munching through the infantry.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

1: Lords of Midnight

Game One – 1500 Points vs Dwarves

Vampire Army
Witch-Queen Shareth Level 4 Mage, Death Magic, Crown of the Dammed
Leading Skeleton Regiment x20 with Command & Banner of Hellfire
Wight King Luxor w/ BSB, Sword Of Kings
Leading Grave Guard Regiment x15 with Command
Vampire Tarithel w/ Forbidden Lore (Light), Sword of Swift Slaying, Flayed Hauberk
Leading Grave Guard Regiment x16 with Command
Skeleton Horde x20 with Command & Banner of Eternal Flame

Dwarven Army
Lord Thorin Oakenshield w/ Shield Bearers, Rune of Spite & Great Weapon
Leading Hammers x18 w/ command
Thane Dwalin w/ BSB, Rune of Swiftness, Oath Stone and Rune of Stone
Leading Warriors x29 w/ Command
Thunderers x10
Slayers x7
Warriors x10 w/ Great Weapons
Bolt Thrower w/ Rune of Burning
Stone Thrower (modelled as a Stone Giant) w/ Rune of Reloading

Mission: Pitched Battle

The Dwarves started in the north with Thunderers and bolt thrower on a central hill. Thane Dwalin was to the east along with the Slayers. To the East was Lord Oakenshield along with the 'copter and giant. To the south between a graveyard and a small hill were Shareth and two units of skeltons. King Luxor was to her west and Tarithel on the east.

Turn One.
Shareth marched her army forward and spirit leached one wound from Thane Dwalin. Tarithel captured Dwalin and his warriors in her net of Amyntok. The dwarves responded with a barrage of gunpowder and rocks shattering half a dozen skeletons and displelled the net. Gyrocoptor, Lord Oakenshield and the slayers advanced..

Turn Two.
King Luxor failed his charge into the Hammers. Most of Shareth's spells were countered. Only one spell succeeded and the Fate of Bju... Thorin was to only fail a single ward save! The gyrocoptor flew over the graveyard and several of Shareth's bodyguards melted under its fiery breath. More followed under a volley of black powder weapons. Luxor was charged by Lord Oakenshield and watched his barrow wights crumble under the dwarven hammer blows leaving him fighting alone. Tarithel fought the slayers killing half of them herself.

Turn Three.
Shareth wheeled around towards the Gyrocoptor and unleached a torrent of magic. Surviving spirit leech and caress it finally fated to fell from the sky to her third spell. The last of her Magic reassembled some of her bodyguards. Luxor held his own until finally falling at the end of the turn while Tarithel was left fighting a single Slayer. The other Skeleton surged forward charging into Thane Dwalin's warriors but lost half their number in the combat. The stone giant got bored and wandered away from the battle (misfire – destroyed).

Turn Four.
The winds of magic did not favour Shareth (three dice). Using all her might she summoned a purple sun that swept through the dwarves ranks killing a dozen of them. Gathering the resulting energies she tried again to leech Thorin's spirit but he held resolute. The last slayer died, but so so did the Skeleton horde. Thorin led the charge with the miners joining him. Shareth's spirit fled into the ether as her bodyguards crumbled back into the earth. Without Shareth's will holding her barrow-wights together Tarithel decided to flee and return another day for Thorin's skull.

I had a lot of fun learning a new game. As for my army 700 points in characters was just too much, especially taking two mages. I just did not have enough units to counter charge or enough magic dice to use my 15 spells. I need to get a unit of Knight build to replace the second vampire. Also replace the skeleton horde with Zombies to be a tar pit unit and make good use of Invocation (five to ten Zombies per casting is good going).

Friday, 3 September 2010

Tyranid Project - Acquisitions

I got another Hive Guard and a second Broodlord this week so my Splinter Fleet continues to grow. It is still quite limited on options though with the core army being either a Nidzilla or Air Assault build. I now have -

Edit - I got some more Termagants off ebay!

2 Hive Tyrants (Magnetised so can be Swarmlord, Flyrant, Dakkarant or even a Harpy)
Tyranid Prime
3 Tyrant Guard

5 Hive Guard
3 Zoanthropes

45 Genestealers & 2 Broodlords
81 Termagants (enough for the second Tervigon when I get it)
20 Devilgants
11 Hormagaunts
1 Tervigon
3 Myceptic Spores

Fast Attack
5 Shrikes (Unfinished Warrior/Gargoyle convertions, again magnetised)
17 Gargoyles
10 Spore Mines

Heavy Support
1 Magneto-fex (Magentised so it can be Carni or T-fex)

What Next?
First I need to paint everything I have got so far! So it will propably be next year before I add the following. One more Carnifex to make a second Tervigon and to give me my fourth set of Brainleech Worm Devourers. For anti-tank I need one more Hive Guard. Finally another box of Gargoyles so I can finish off the Shrikes and have a larger brood of Gargoyles. That is about £50 from my FLGS.

In the future?
They are expenisve but I really like the Forge World Rippers. Dispite them being really bad this edition I will eventually get some (probably only to use as objective markers). A unit of 5-6 is about the same point cost as a Broodlord and it would give my army a few more options. I would also like a unit of 6 Raveners. However the new plastic kit is also way too expensive (even more than the Rippers) for three figures so I shall wait untill I see some on ebay. I also need a box of Hormagaunts so I have enough for one unit.