Sunday, 27 February 2011

WHFB: Vampire Counts vs Dark Elves

Female, Sexy, Vampire
WHFB :1500 Points, Battleline
Yesterday I got to play my fourth game of 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy, it is also my fourth game of Fantasy this century! I do not have the full list of equipment for the Dark Elves and I have not bothered to include the majority of spells each turn that were countered. I also forgot the camera.

Wytch-Queen Shareth (Lvl 4 Vampire Lore, Hauberk, 4++ Talisman, Periapt) leading Twenty Skeletons with Command & Warbanner
Wight King Morkin (BSB, Great Weapon, Damned Crown & Shard) leading Thirty Grave Guard with Command, Great Weapons and Barrow Banner
Twenty Skeletons with Command
Five Black Nights

Dark Elves
Sorceress (Lvl 4, Sacrificial Dagger, Ward Talisman and Dragon Egg)  & Hero (BSB with Pendent of Khaeleth and Great Weapon) leading thirty Spearmen with Command and Warbanner
Eighteen Crossbowmen with musician
Twenty-one Wytch Elves with Command & Banner of Murder
Six skirmishing Shades with an Assassin

The Battle
Shareth felt the Elven blade slice through her neck. As the head fell to the floor her link with the walking corpse was severed and her consciousness was jerked back into her own body. So it seems that parleying with this maundering war band was not an option. She stepped out of her tent and with a click of her fingers the silent night was filled with the sounds of marching feet and clanking armour.
Vampire Counts, Skeleton Unit 4
Shareth's skeletal retinue formed up around her as she marched forward. To her right was a second regiment and beyound them was Morkin and his men-at-arms. The Knights glided along to her right. Extending her senses she looked across the landscape. An open field between two hills lay before her. An old tumbled down cottage was built close to the left most hill and she could hear the skirmishers clambering into position within the rafters. Directly in front of her was the Sorceress who refused to join her army. To the right were the archers and left the Wytch-women. If the Elves would not join her in life then they would swell the ranks of her forces in death.

Shareth marched her forces forward; the Knights crested the nearer, left most, hill and prepared for a charge on the building. Encanting arcane words Shareth flung a handful of inscribed bones into the dirt and watched as a horde of 22 zombies rose to do her bidding. These newly risen dead shuffled towards the archers moaning softly. The Sorceress responded with her own arcane power and drained the souls from half the Zombies and hexing the Knights into forgetting how to use their weapons. The archers were easily able to finish off the zombies. The skirmishing Elves were able to pick off three of the Knights from there vantage point in the building.

Shareth marched her infantry forward and held the Knights back. She summoned more Zombies and sent them into melee with the archers by invoking the dance of the dead. However her attempts to heal the Knights was thwarted by the Sorceress. Ripping the heart out of the soldier standing next to her the Sorceress exploded the last of the Knights. The Wytch-women charged into Shareth's retinue inflicting a wound on the Vampire herself and tearing half the bodyguards to shreads. The last of the zombies crumbed under the archers blades but once more the distraction has prevented them from shooting at the heavy infantry.
Dark Elf Sorc Front
The skeletons charged forward to engage the archers allowing Morkin to charge his grave guard revenants into the Wytch-womens flank. Their blades enchanted by Shareth's magic they hewed through the Elves and trampled the last of them underfoot reforming to face the Spear-elves. Sharteth was left standing with just two undead bodyguard’s, one of whom was still holding her war banner. The three of them faced off against the Skirmishers who has now left the safety of the building. Seeing an opportunity the Assassin leaped at Shareth his envenomed dagger glistening in the moonlight. The blade cut effortlessly through her hauberk but was turned aside by her protective wards. With one swipe of her sword she beheaded the assailant. That moment of lost concentration allowed the Sorceress to incinerate a dozen revenants.

Channeling the power of the dragon egg the sorceress spat green flames at the revenants. Not wanting to feel the heat of the flames on her skin Shareth joined the revenants and used the dance of the dead to engage and slaughter the Skirmishers in melee. She also called on her invocations to reform warriors in both unliving units. The archers just managed to finish off the skeletons they were fighting allowing them to shoot a volley of quarrels obliterating the last of the other skeletal warriors. Incinerating those standing next to her the Sorceresses managed to cursed the revenants then her concentration was shattered; not even slaying her own kinsman helped.

Charging forward the revenants impacted with the Spear-elves. Their own banner helping to counter-act the curse their mighty two-handed weapons hacked through the opponents causing them to flee as the corpses pressed the attack. The Spear-elves rallied behind the archers and the combined might of quarrels and magic whittled away half the grave guard.
Dark Elves Elf, crossbowmen line
Unperturbed the revenants charged forward and slaughtered the archers, pursuing on into combat with the Spear-elves. Shareth scattered some more encribed bones on the floor and another dozen zombies rose up behind the Spear-elves. These zombies ripped the Sorceresses apart when she broke and ran as the last of her kinsmen died under the scything blades of the dead.

Aftermath: Major Victory for the Undead.(1575 vs 655 Victory Points)
Despite the actual scores the game was very close and there were a couple of points (like the assassin attack) where the Elves could have won the game had the dice been in their favour.

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