Thursday, 23 June 2011

40k Metrics - Tyranid Fex-star

Carrying on with looking at the 40k Metrics of different Tyranid lists this time we will analyses a couple of Fex-star builds. Lists and full numbers are below. For those adding up at home remember that the Genestealers melee damage against APC's is capped at 15. Carnifex scores have not been capped as some of it is from shooting.

Two Fexstar's and Purgatus' T-fex/Prime Nidzilla comparison
List. DMS .. DMCC .. DR pG .. DLR pG .

The Addition of the Zoantrhopes really helps to boost MEQ Shooting and Raider killing power but the list loses significant close combat potential. That said at over 40 it is still an amazing high figure contending with the Orks. Carnifex give us a much better Land Raider killing score than T-fex but are limited to only doing do in melee which means they will most likely have delivered their cargo.

Working from just these numbers I would be tempted to replace the Raveners with Zoanthropes in Hulksmash's army and use the last few points for upgrading the primes to give us -

.. DMS .. DMCC .. DR pG .. DLR pG .

My thoughts on Ghostin's list would be to drop one Biovore and probably the Broodlord to get the second prime. That way you can play the Carnifex as two broods for better treat saturation and they each get easy cover saves due to the Primes. I like the idea of Bioplasma I am just not sure how effective it is actually going to be?

Hulksmash's Fexstar @2000 Points
200 - Prime w/ Dual Boneswords, Toxin Sacs 2x1
300 - Hive Guard 3x2
390 - Tervigon w/ Adrenals, Toxins, Catalyst, Clusters 2x1
100 - Termagants 2 x10
420 - Genestealers 2x15
210 - Raveners x6 Rending Claws
190 - Carnifex Quad Twin-Linked Devourers
190 - Carnifex Quad Twin-Linked Devourers
14 Kill Points: 50 Bugs, 14 Large Bugs, 4 Monsters

Unit. DMS .. DMCC .. DR pG .. DLR pG .
Prime x20.6754.170
Hive Guard x62.222200
Tervigon x22.223.3316.675.56
Spawn x453.7511.2500
Gaunts x100.832.500
Gaunts x100.832.500
Genestealers x30016.6737.50
Raveners x6 RC05.5614.580
Carnifex x254.174018.06

Ghostin's proposed NOVA list @1999 Points
100 - Prime Regen, Twin Boneswords
300 - Hive Guard 2x3
180 - zoanthropes x3
420 - Tervigon x2 - cat, onslaught, tox, ag, cluster
100 - Devilgaunts x10
050 - termagants x10
284 - genestealers x14 w/ Toxic sacs, Broodlord
135 - biovore x3
430 - carnifex x2 - TL devs/brainleech, bioplasma, frag spines
11 Kill Points: 33 Bugs, 14 Large Bugs, 4 Monsters
Unit. DMS .. DMCC .. DR pG .. DLR pG .
Prime x10.332.222.080
Hive Guard x62.222200
Zoanthropes x35.50.57.646.11
Tervigon x22.223.3316.115.56
Spawn x453.7511.2500
Dev-Gaunts x102.52.500
Gaunts x100.832.500
Stealers x13011.816.250
biovore x31.670.500
Carnifex x27.54.174018.06

Prime, Lashwhip/Bonesword, Regeneration, Rending Claws
Prime, Lashwhip/Bonesword, Regeneration, Scything Talons
Hive Guard x 2x2
Zoanthrope x 2
Tervigon, Catalyst, Onslaught, Adrenals, Toxins, Scything Talons, Cluster Spines 2x1
Termagants 2 x 10
Genestealers 2x 12, Toxins
Tyrannofex, Rupture Cannon, Dessicator, Cluster Spines 2x1

Unit. DMS .. DMCC .. DR pG .. DLR pG .
Rending Prime01.672.080
Sything Prime01.942.430
Hive Guard x41.481.3313.330
Zoanthropes x23.670.335.094.07
Tervigon x22.223.3316.675.56
Spawn x453.7511.2500
Gaunts x201.67500
Tox-stealers x24020300
t-Fex RC/DL x253.33258.89


  1. First up - thanks for doing this and posting it! Regarding bio-plasma, the general thought is broader flexibility: S7 AP2 blast may be a lot more effective vs. some targets than quad TL devs+brainleeches (meq/termies in particular). Thinking kan walls, AV13 dreads, closely packed targets, etc...

    One other variant is to cut the shooty broods all down to 2 models, drop onslaughts, drop bio-plasmas, add a 2nd prime and another 'stealer unit. Still tweaking, but I like the 3rd biovore - every test I run, the 3rd one is a tipping point.

  2. I have not actually used Biovores. How many hits do you find you are getting with the barrage? I used an estimate of 10 for the calculations.

  3. It's hard to judge for the purposes of a "flat" score, it really depends since you're using scatter dice and adjusting for BS (haha). I just assumed 4, the same as one would use for a flamer template. No idea if it is worth the effort to try and factor in a "spawn" of spore mines for biovores, or a "spawn" of rippers for the parasite.

    In terms of in-game, or my "scenario" tests (positioning squads of 5 and 10 near vehicles and in terrain, and bigger squads just in terrain) one biovore is a nuisance and undependable; 2-4 hits is a good result. The hit total tends to double with two biovores. Given the 1 in 3 'hit' result ratio of the scatter die, the third biovore close to guarantees an on-target hit, and with a pie plate, that can mean 4-8 hits pretty easily. Vs. MEQ you need the weight of fire for it to be effective, and that's hard to do with only 2.

  4. Interesting breakdown. Would you care to do a side by side comparison between these lists and the Jay Woodcock list? Breakdown where one is strong, and why and vice versa.

    I'm not a Nid player so I can't say, "list X is going to generally perform better than list Y due to..." But I think you could definitely get that started. I think the debate would be good for the Nid community.

  5. This is really interesting. I have had my doubts about having melee kills against vehicles weighted the same as shooting kills, for obvious reasons. My scores seem to be lagging a bit behind but when you consider that the T-Fexes can do their work from range it makes more sense. Really interesting analysis.