Sunday, 24 July 2011

More Metrics (for Tyranids)

Well it has been a busy month for me. I failed my Uni course and spent a lot of time getting a job sorted. The good news is I have got one sorted and it starts next month. So I have few loose ends to tidy up before I start; one of which was doing the metrics for Kirby's Tyranid army...

Kirby's 2k Tyranids
2x Prime w/LW, Bonesword, Toxin, Regen
2x3 Hive Guard
1x3 Zoanthrope
2x Tervgion w/Catalyst, Toxin, Adrenal, Cluster, Scything Talons
2x10 Termagant
2x4 Ravener w/Rending
2x T-Fex w/Rupture, Cluster, Dess

Now Purgatus pointed out that working out dead Land Raiders with a 4+ to hit in melee was a bit misleading since they will always go fast to avoid melee damage. As such I have redone all the numbers for AV 14. APC's on the other hand will often stick at 6" movement since they still want to fire guns so I have left those numbers unchanged.

So lets look at all the previous five lists again and add Kirby's too.
List. DMS .. DMCC .. DR pG .. DLR pG .

For wrecking Land Raiders a pair of Carnifex (with 6.02) are just ahead of two T-fex (with 5.19) in raw numbers but the T-fex has the advantage of being able to shoot as well as rip them apart with teeth and claws. What is very noticeable is how much of a difference Zoantrhopes now make to the DLRpG score. I could ramble on but I do not think their is a lot more to say. If we use these six as the guide for offensive metrics our golden ratio for a 2k army would be - Shooting 19+; Melee 47+; APC's 100+; Raiders 10+

Is this achievable? I am not sure but I will let you know if I find one..

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  1. Wow. Extremely interesting. Just to be complete, here's the 0-4 list Nike tested from NOVA:
    DMS: 17.44
    DMCC: 30.32
    DRPG: 37.60
    DLRG: 12.05