Monday, 25 August 2014

6th Edition Nidzilla remix


Between 6th Edition rules and the new Codex Tyranids have not fared well 7th Edition may have cleared up some of the issues but I am not sure it does not just create others problems for Tyranids.  I agree with the designers that synapse should be important for the army however there is no way I am going to play a unit that will kill 40% of itself just because it does not have a big bug telling it what to do!

Where does that leave us?  It seems like there is almost only one pick in each section worth taking; it might be possible to make the Prime-carifex blob or the triple Trygon list work but for the most part it is just the same as 4th edition take as many monstrous creatures as you can and add a few support units.

1500 points - Tyranids (6th Edition Nidzilla remix)
250 Hive Tyrant w/ Wings, 2x Brainleech Devs, Hive Commander
230 Hive Tyrant w/ Wings, 2x Brainleech Devs
120 Termagant Brood x30
205 Tervigon w/ Electroshock Grubs
060 Termagant Brood x15
045 Venomthrope
050 Zoanthrope
050 Zoanthrope
205 Tyranofex w/ Rupture Cannon
205 Tyranofex w/ Rupture Cannon
080 Biovore Brood x2

At higher points I would add Gargoyles, the third Biovore, extra Termagants or maybe some Devilgaunts.

Flying monsters are fast moving, hard to hit and act as mobile synapse.  Other than some actual durability what more could you want? Hive Commander lets us outflank gaunts or the Tervigon giving some flexibility on deployment.

Tervigon’s still poop out baby Gaunts and they are the only troop unit worth having.  At least they are cheap.

I am not really a fan of the unit but I do not see the army being able to operate without a Venomthrope.  You need the cover save to have any chance of taking out opposing heavy artillery before it pulverises the hive mind.  Hive Guard and Zoanthropes both got worse; at least Zoanthropes provide synapse and may get a useful psi power.

The Carni-gun-fex of 4th became its own unit in 5th and, while not really better than last edition, at least it is cheaper this time around.  Biovore’s give pie-plates to throw down on massed Guardsmen or Orks; they might get lucky and pin some Marines.

Gargoyles provide a fast moving screen or they can deep strike to deal with difficult to reach enemy and since they carry a gun at least they do not have to assault.

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