Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Dungeon Crawling Fools Episode 22

Dungeon Crawling Fools Episode 22

A lot of my friends starting playing Dungeons and Dragons with the Moldvay and Mentzer editions back in the eighties. One of them started up a nostalgia dungeon delve using the Basic D&D rules which we have now been playing for nearly two years. It is an open table format game with who ever turns up heading into the dungeon.

The party
Character Description
Galan Foxflower Elven Warrior-Seer with Sleep and Blindness spells
Karensa Elven Warrior-Seer with Sleep and Magic Missile spells
Bon'hala Elven Veteran-Medium with Sleep spell
Cnut the Great Human Swordsmaster
Gibbit Human Burgler.

Our heroes return to the Bath house of Blibdoolpoolp a section of the caves off the beaten track.Previously they had found some stairs down to level two.

Getting to the stairs though means going through a couple of rooms on the upper level.  In the first a group of Orcs try to ambush the party and quickly find that four plate armored warriors, and one legitimate business man in leather, are no push over.

In the second room is a strange crystal humanoid.  Not knowing what it is the party try and talk to it.  The creature seems to make a strange tink sound but does not attack.  Having convinced Karensa we should not kill it the party descend the stairs.

Our plan was to have Gibbit look at the trap that killed Gene during our last adventure but we were attacked by a Ghoul first.  A single undead was no match for the party.  Gibbit then disabled the gas trap and we were very disappinted to find it was protecting an empty room!

Opening the double doors into the next corridor we saw three giant lizards lounging around.  Karensa tried her sleep spell to no effect.  Fortunately a hail of arrows from five bows saw two of them die and the third flee before they engaged us in melee combat.

Bon'hala notices a strange movement in the flickering lantern light and we realised a grey ooze was creeping up the wall trying to surprise us from above.  She jabbed it hard with a ten foot pole.  Sadly this was still close enough for the strange creature to spit acid into her face.  With a final scream she fell backwards her face melted too badly injured for anyone to help so she died [15 Damage in one hit].

We threw oil over the advancing blob and set it alight but this had no effect.  As a desperate move we tried shooting arrows which, strangely, were able to rip the ooze apart.  With the threat neutered we showed what a true bunch of murder-hobo's we are by stripping Bon'hala's corpse of all equipment and pouring it into the bag of holding completely ignoring her last will asking for it to go to the local cat shelter.

It was a good job we had planned to cast Sleep as we kicked the door open on the next room as it contained 17 Berserkers eating breakfast!  Fifteen of them drifted off while the last two attacked in a Frenzy injuring Galan.  Gibbet stepped out from behind the door where he had hidden to delivery a fatal back stabbing blow to one and three flashing swords cut down the other.

Fairly quickly no one was left sleeping in the room.  Galan found a shiny sword, could it be magical?, and a large quantity of coins were added to the bottomless bag.

With most of the parties resources depleted and no options for resting to regain them it was time to leave and divide up the loot.  As we approached the stairs a wandering troupe of Gibbons blocked our path.  Once again a few well placed bow shots followed by deft use of swords clearly the passage way.

Upon our return to the upper level Tinkerbell was still standing in the room but made no aggressive moves so we once again decided to leave it alone and make our way out of the caves and the long walk back up to Rift City.


  1. Thanks for posting this Lyracian - very interesting to see things from your side of the screen!

    1. You have the advantage of knowing the overall plan but hopefully not too surprising to see it from the other side?